Thursday, April 9, 2015


Daxton chilled in the cart while I shopped, He normally throws a HUGE fit and makes me hold him...

We had the chance to go to Idaho for my birthday! We of course had to go to the BIG park!

And my brother had his senior night at ISU. He just signed with an agent to go play overseas...How freaking amazing is that?

The weather has been amazing, we have been eating outside on the step or on the tramp...Its been amazing!

On my moms spring break we packed up and went to the Denver was 85 degrees and we pretty much melted...

Oh yes and this is me LANDING a front flip 35 weeks prego! our new babysitter went with us to the new trampoline park and she is an amazing gymnast and was kind enough to teach me! I went back to the tramp park at 36 weeks and it sent me into labor...I was told by my doctor to stop:-) But it was so much fun!

36 week baby bump! I'm 37.5 weeks today, and ready to meet this sweet little boy! although I literally have not done a single thing for him...ok i have diapers... the Monday before my csection I'm sure we will get a crib up or something;)

This was Nathans last day at preschool...His family has become such amazing friends. We will Miss them living around the corner!!! 

We sold our Saturn!!! Steve and I bought a bigger car about a month ago and just kept it sitting in our driveway for way to long!
Its nice to not have to worry about selling it after Logan gets here!

Easter was interesting- we celebrated at a local farm with our friends from Cheyenne! It was a blast- I had NO idea khloe would know the Easter bunny would come to our house. Well she woke up Sunday morning running hysterically into my room crying "the Easter bunny forgot about me!!" OOPS! He made an appearance later that night but it made me feel horrible for ignoring this holiday!

I found Dax hanging out rocking in the babies car seat...He has no idea whats coming his way!
BTW look how long those legs are?! He is 20 months and in 4t clothing! And his shirts are starting to get to short..The kid is amazing!

Monday, February 2, 2015

our time while Steve is gone!

Steve has been out of town for pretty much all last month and will be again all this month...oh and again in March..Im fine with it but I end up getting antsy and need something to take my mind off of being home alone. So this time I painted our kitchen! ORANGE! I LOVE it!!! I found the perfect curtains and a new light fixture for over the table! I still have a couple edges to finish painting so Ill post pictures when its 100%! 

Buddy Surgery went great! His tumor came back non cancerous! We couldn't imagine life without him:-)

70 degrees  in January? It was 2 days of heaven!

Daxton right before Steve and I were going to go on a date, then he felt sooo warm, took his temp and he was at 102.. scratch that date night..maybe next time!

Khloe wants this table more than anything! We found it at King soopers, maybe she will be surprised for her birthday!

and I won 500 fuel points at king soopers! $1 off a gallon... it was great! 

When Steve is gone we need activities to fill up our evening. Its been Room on the Broom(its on Netflix) for the past 3 nights.

Chris has his last game at the college near our house:-( for the past 3 years I have looked forward to this game!

Khloe spent Sunday with my parents at their house and got home really late. We had Hot coco and fruit and had a sleep over in my bed. She thought it was super cool.

I finally hit 28 weeks today! 11 more weeks at the most! Im pretty excited to meet little Logan. April can not come fast enough!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I had this small reminder come across my Instagram feed the other day. 
It was the day we learned that Buddy probably has cancer.... It was a very crushing day, devastating doesn't even begin to touch how we felt. I know most people do not consider their family pet a member of their family like we do. Buddy goes with us on most vacations, he is included in our family like a grand child, and if you don't like our dog we probably don't like you;)
He has had a tumor growing for the last 2.5 months on his eye lid that just kept getting bigger and bigger. I took him into get his hair done(and its at the vet clinic) and the vet was called in to check it out. The clinic had taken a close up picture of Buddy last appointment(2 months ago) and the tumor was not there. Because the growth had grown so rapidly they called us in and said he should have surgery to remove it as soon as possible. That is also why they think its cancer,  in the last 4 days its almost doubled! We are really hoping and praying that its just a random growth and once removed it will be taken care of. 
Buddy goes in for surgery tomorrow morning.
I love this little guy more than words...I hope this storm is a short easy storm and nothing that is to long!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas and Baby Boy!

We will start with Christmas! What a day! this year Khloe fully understood what was going on! Santa was going to bring her LOTS of presents...:-) And that he did...This year with a new baby coming we needed bunk beds to stuff Dax and Khloe in a room! So we called Santa and asked him for a set...He brought them along with lots of toys. The kids were super spoiled by all grandparents! Khloes favorite toy was Daxton race car track...Daxtons favorite toy is also the race car track! The one toy I was worried about giving!

 We had our first Christmas in our new house and our first Christmas AT our house. My parents, Chris and his friend came over after we had opened stockings! It was fun making memories at our own house.

 On Christmas we got ALOT of snow...that snow has lasted until today! A couple days ago I got dressed to shovel the driveway(by the way shoveling a 3 car driveway SUCKS!! Steve has permission to buy a snow blower before next year!!) This is how Khloe got dressed.  Shoes on the wrong feet, mismatched socks, a skirt, Daxtons Jacket(no joke they share clothes!) and mittens that I had no idea we had!
 She has also had to sit through many hair appointments last month...She is always wanting to "paint" my hair...I guess it is pay back for making her sit nicely while I work!
 Thats our little boy:-) isn't he cute?! I remember with Daxton the ultra sound tech was shocked by his size but this time, they actually looked at dates to see if we needed to push up the due date! This baby measured 4 weeks ahead of schedule with the length of his legs, arms and feet! This little boy is MUCH longer than Daxton was. It scares me to death...Daxton is already is 4t shirts...he will be 18 months on the 17th! We have a couple names picked out but Steve likes one and I like the other...the top contender is Logan Hansen Cobbley. I guess we have a couple more months to figure things out:-)
 Sharing Ice cream... I love when they are not fighting...
 Ill be the first to say, Ive totally slacked on Sacrament meetings...if there is the smallest excuse to get out of it..we will leave, or just not go. I hate going by myself with two kids who just DO NOT GET SITTING QUIET! But one of my resolutions was to start going. Naturally when Sunday rolled around I mustered up the courage to go. It ended really bad...Like really really bad. Daxton flipped over the back of the bench hitting two other kids on his way down..they screamed...he screamed all during the quiet and reverent sacrament...Once we had recovered from that I felt like, I got this, I can do this...But then Daxton peed. all. over. It wet both sides of his pants, puddles in his shoes, puddles of the floor and the bench...No idea how he peed so much...Needless to say..we went home! 15 minutes is all we week we will try again:-) Oh and by the way I had many emails asking if Dax was ok after his fall and the man who cussed(rather loudly....) apologized! I wish nursery was all 3 hours!
 Still running! 24 weeks and still going! Im not running high miles or even fast miles but a mile is a mile! I also have to stay close to my house or run on the treadmill because I end up having to pee every 10 mins...the other day was beautiful, and I felt pretty awesome running on snow packed roads!
 ok one last thing... I had a potato catch on fire!!! No my oven was a full on flame! luckily Steve was at work and didn't have to witness my screaming! felt like a big girl putting it out all by myself!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

catch up

With number 3 on the way, we had to buy new car seats that would fit 3 across in the back of my suv. We went with the slimmest seats! they are by Diono, they are made with all metal, just one seat weighs 40lbs! They transition from birth to a backless booster seat...I love them... I plan on getting another one when number 3 outgrows the infant seat! plus I LOVE how matching car seats look in the back of my car!

we are already really missing summer...its still warm enough to play outside but not with water under the tramp!

 Like always Buddy puts up with way to much! He is starting to get grumpy the older he gets and the more kids that are around!

One Sunday we ditched church and went to Estes Park for the day! It was our "mini Vacation" . It was fun to get away for a bit, our full family days are VERY limited! 
We walked the shops and played by the river. It might not have been a huge getaway but for our little family it was perfect! 

So I stabbed myself....I still can not clap, grip anything hard, and steering the car with my left hand doesn't happen! Im just glad I got all the feeling back in my fingers with in a day!

This is Khloe's Preschool class at the pumpkin patch! Khloe has the best teacher in the world! She is sensitive and awere of Khloe's personality. Khloe even asks if her teacher can come to her birthday, church, to dinner....anything we do... Im already dreading that she is going to retire before Daxton is old enough to go!
The kids are STARTING to get along...its been a long time coming! Dax loves Khloe but Khloe normally wants nothing to do with him!

This is Nathan. His family lives around the corner from us, they are in our ward, and in Khloe's Preschool class! We love when we get to have him over!
Grandma put a swing in her front yard and when we go there it is used....ALOT!  This winter we are planning on putting swings in the basement for the kids! 

And can you believe how TALL and LONG Daxton is? He is now in 3t clothing...He is passing up his 2 year old friends in height ...we sure love him!

All in all we are pretty boring right now...Steve is working from 5am-8pm and if I have energy to do anything its only to go grocery shopping! We are really excited to be going to Idaho in November! Oh and I got released from nursery...FINALLY! Im In charge of Visiting teaching... and Steve got his first calling in 4 YEARS! He is one of three ward missionaries. It's a perfect calling that works with his job. 2 times max a month he will go out! We are Loving this ward, Loving Colorado, and Love that all my really great friends from Cheyenne are only 25 minutes away! Life is good!

Friday, August 1, 2014

July is hands down our funnest month in the year! We get to celebrate Khloes and Buddy's birthday on the 11th and Daxtons Birthday on the 17th! And we always have lots of company come during the month!
Khloe turned 3 this year! We had planned a big birthday party for her but right before I put invites out Steve called saying he couldn't make it home from work that day to make the party. Since dads MUST be at the party we decided to have a smaller family party instead! It turned out great. The night before she spent the night at Grandma Hansens house!Her birthday morning I picked her up with Doc McStuffins balloons and a Doc McStuffins play tent. I also put together and outfit that looked like DocMcStuffins. She got to be her for the day! For lunch we went to Cool Beans and let her play while my mom and I ate. For dinner everyone came to our house and we had a small BBQ and opened presents! 

Daxton turned 1. My baby is the heck did this happen? I still feel like I just had him. I remember the day I had him so vividly... From Steve leaving to get a sandwich 30 minutes before i was taken back to after he was born snuggling in recovery... I miss the new born stage! 
he is in 2T clothing, close to walking and eats EVERYTHING!  He will out eat me on a daily biases! 
His favorite food is meatballs with green beans. 

Steve recently switched to Sundays Mondays off. On Sunday afternoon after church we put a blanket out in the backyard and eat otterpops and play in the sand box! Its such a fun tradition. We really enjoy Steve being able to be home on Sundays!

This year for birthdays I didn't want to have a bunch of "little" toys that just get thrown out. So when people asked what to get Khloe and Daxton I said we would like to have people chip in towards a bigger tramp for outside. The kids love it!

For the Forth of July my best friend and her family came down for a parade and just to chat. We really miss having Walter and Alice around the corner to play with!

In our new neighborhood there is a fantastic park that we walk to 3-4 times a week. Daxton has recently started to play and do the slides. Its really fun to watch!

I am 5 pounds away from my weight when I got married! And only 10 pounds away from high school! Why is it that we always compare our self to our high school self? Anyways, I'm pretty excited to be so close. Also I ran DOUBLE DIGITS! The kids and I ran 10 Miles on an overcast day. I really wanted to hit 13.1 miles so I could cross off my half marathon for the summer and start lifting and getting stronger BUT the kids had an entirely different plan! at mile 9.5 they were SCREAMING very loud...I have one more month to get it!